Sunday, November 1, 2009

Posted at request of Brenda Boyd May

I consider Cathy Stoltzfus one of my best friends on Anna Maria Island! Harry and Cathy came to my house on Pine Ave and we had a conversation that was rocky. In the end we agreed to disagree. I have sat back and observed the Anna Maria Race closely. I personally am more in alignment with the candidates who are more progressive in their ideas for Anna Maria. However!!! I do not want to become a zealot who only listens to one side of the issues. Yes, I still favor other candidates as number one and two.

I would respect Harry as one with an open mind even though I know we would differ on many issues.


Brenda Boyd May

409 Pine Ave

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  1. I am very sad things have changed so much since Harry was elected. I spoke about him being a zealot the day he and cathy came to my cottage. I was honest with him and told him I could not support him but admired him for his enthusiasm and standing up for his beliefs. The mean spirited comments about so many people in Anna Maria including funding potential lawsuits against our city are extremeing perplexing to me! Harry you know I listened to you and I stand by what I told you that day. I am a woman of integrity and honesty. Honestly Harry I cannot support your way of thinking or your narcisistic and disingenuous actions. I am shocked by your small army of troops who you are in constant communication with.I love Anna Maria so much! I was born and reared here please Harry take the boxing gloves off and just enjoy your life. I do not even know Robin, Duke, or Nicky personally. I know cathy personally and I like her a lot. Brenda Boyd May