Monday, October 26, 2009

For discussion: Nuisances

How many noise complaints are required to be filed against a business or a residence before they're deemed a nuisance?


  1. If city hall puts the business creating the noise before the neighbors nearby who are suffering from the loud late night partying,it makes no difference how many complaints they get. I have been through this with the Feeling Swell restaurant.Wedding party guests go there often after the weddings on the island,and seem to get a little rowdy and loud as the night goes on.I and other neighbors cannot get much sleep and we have complained in various ways.but the noise seems to continue. One night the deputy said the owner would try her best to quiet them,but they were a wedding party. It seems that gives them a license to keep us up all night, since they were so gracious to get married on our beach.
    We need a change of attitude in city hall,perhaps a fresh face on the commission would help,especially one like Henry who really cares about the residents.

  2. Sorry, Harry,for calling you Henry.I am sleep deprived.