Monday, November 2, 2009

Posted at request of Cathy Stoltzfus

This campaign has been a very eye opening experience. So many friends have supported me, have given hugs when sorely needed, have lent an ear and a shoulder, have encouraged me not to react to the many intentional attempts to discredit the love of my life, to try and ignore the junk mail, both snail and wireless appearing almost hourly at this point. My friends have mostly been successful. I would rather jump in the fray and come out bloody, scraped and bruised, standing proud. The high road is a more difficult path, the scrapes and bruises are internal, the hurt and pain may not heal. I won't forget and I am proud.
One of my favorite songs from the album "LARGO" released in the late 1990's, contains a cut called "SOMEONE GIVE ME A STONE". It is about this little guy, David, taking on this big guy, Goliath...well you know how it goes and you're smart enough to make your own conclusions and comparisons.
On Wednesday, November 4, 2009, I will once again read for pleasure, have food in the refrigerator, cook good meals, walk the beach, put the CD's in and sing along, often and really loud. We'll return to the Moose and dance the hours away, occasionally go to Karaoke and sing just because. I will continue to embarrass my daughter by dancing in the aisles of the Publix as the mood strikes and walk her to the bus in my nightwear (after all it is dark). I will welcome my new granddaughter, teach her life lessons and warn her of the good, the bad and the ugly.
I will add many new names to my list of good friends.
Thank you friends for being there for me.

Harry, I love you and I am so proud.

Cathy Stoltzfus

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