Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Do Not Support Minimum Rentals!

I do not support minimum rentals for residential properties. Period.

Since my wife and I arrived in Anna Maria in 1999, we have shared Anna Maria with family and friends. Like us, all were immediately smitten and several have since bought properties. My brother John and his wife Carol, 519 Spring Avenue; my niece Deb, her husband Tom and their young sons Aiden and Logan, 521 Magnolia and 4002 6th Avenue, Holmes Beach ; our sister-in-law Lena, 308 Spring; our friends Dave and Debbie Hollinger, 200 Spring and 214 Coconut; Colin and June Atkinson, their daughters Holly and Elyse, 802 Gladiolus, and friends Joe and Bev Hospital, 522 Pine Avenue. Anna Maria is a destination for all of them: a place where they wish to retire. With the exception of Joe and Bev, all rent their properties to help defray the costs of owning a piece of paradise. All those properties are available for weekly rentals. Most of their properties are managed by Mike and Susan Brinson with Island Accomodations at 315 Pine Avenue.

We have many neighbors living on the Island who own rental homes, some of which we have rented weekly and even nightly to house friends, family, and our employees.

To suggest I am in favor of minimum rentals is ludicrous.
'Nuff said.
Harry Stoltzfus


  1. 'nuff said, indeed. As I mentioned last time we talked, good to see you put this very problematic issue to rest, in writing.

    Incidentally, I believe I heard you to recant on your previous position re rentals in the ROR district at the forum the other night. Is that the case as well ?

  2. I don't think you heard me recant, but a girl named Nicole who said she worked for a restaurant owned by Ed Chiles asked me my position on ROR rentals. I don't recall your being there during Nicole and my conversation.
    I told Nicole that horse left the barn when the language considering owner/occupancy was changed.
    I'm not interested in changing the residential rules for the ROR. I'm far more interested in addressing the hazards created by the driveways or lack thereof on the newly developed lots on Pine Avenue. Solving the latter will help mitigate the problems caused by the former.

    I still believe by allowing rentals in the ROR, we've done a great disservice to the homeowners out here in the residential areas.